Investment Strategy

KDB prepares a full investor profile in order to understand the needs and risk tolerance of each client before designing an appropriate investment plan. The plan will be tailored to meet goals ranging from capital preservation to growth and income. The asset allocation may consist of bonds, equities, and mutual funds. Moreover, the plan may also require multiple types of accounts such as an IRA, a Revocable Trust, or an individual account. KDB consults with each client on a continuing basis to provide portfolio updates and reevaluate current investment objectives.

For conservative clients, KDB focuses on products that can limit their downside risk, while still providing solid investment performance. Typically, fixed income instruments can represent half of a conservative portfolio. The remaining portion is invested in a diversified group of large company equities, mutual funds, and cash.

For clients with a high-risk tolerance, an all equity portfolio is recommended. KDB’s strength is identifying well-managed companies that are undervalued based on their short and long-term growth potential. These companies must have demonstrated accelerated earnings, pioneered a new product, or created a unique niche in the marketplace.